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Selecting Building Materials: Environmental Impact

There are many factors to consider when choosing a building or decorating material. Various building materials impact the environment differently. Wood products are often overlooked as green products when in fact, most hardwood and softwood building materials are carbon neutral or carbon negative making them sustainable green building materials.

What Questions Should I Ask When Selecting Building Materials?

Deciding the best building materials for a project means asking many different questions about them:

  • Is the material natural or man-made?
  • Is it a healthy material?
  • Does it require a lot of processing?
  • How much of the material is utilized?
  • How does importing products impact the environment?
  • Are harmful chemicals needed for manufacturing and on-going maintenance?
  • What maintenance and repair costs are associated with the material?
  • What is the useful life of the material?
  • Can the material be recycled or repurposed?
  • What happens to the material after its useful life?

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