Helping kids become
cultivates a healthier
future for them,
the industry,
and the planet.

The Mission of the North American Forest Foundation

Nurturing the next generation through education by changing hearts and minds about sustainable forestry and wood products, for good.
Together, we can educate one million kids by 2030!

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The Truth About Trees

We love trees. We love everything about them. More than anything, we love how incredible they are as the world’s only continually renewable resource. We want to tell the world the story of the truth about trees.


North American Forest Foundation is supported by over 600 people, businesses, and organizations who are passionate about bringing the Truth about Trees and Science based facts about our forests to the world around us. We are so thankful for all of them and hope you will consider supporting NAFF as well.


There are many different careers in the lumber and forest industry connected to a wide variety of fields. Wood and the many products made from wood, play an important role in our everyday lives and in our economy. Check out these resources to help you determine how you might enjoy a career in this field.