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Donor List

North American Forest Foundation is supported by over 600 people, businesses, and organizations who are passionate about bringing the Truth about Trees and Science based facts about our forests to the world around us. The educational programs, museum exhibits, and industry promotion would not be possible without the support they give this organization. We are so thankful for all of them and hope you will consider supporting NAFF as well.

Being an annual donor is easy and rewarding! Simply click the button below and select an amount. Your donation is tax deductible. You’ll be part of our community and receive monthly updates and communication.


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Giant Sequoia Donors ($20,000+ lifetime giving)

French Foundation

Los Angeles Hardwood Lumberman’s Club

Williams Family Foundation

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance

National Hardwood Lumber Association

Great Oak Donors ($10,000 – $19,999 lifetime giving)

Baillie Lumber Co.

Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association

National Hardwood Magazine

Newman Lumber Company

Patrick Lumber Co.

Penn York Lumberman’s Club

The Hexberg Family Foundation



Donors (Less than $10,000)

A & K Sawmill

A & M Kiln Dry Ltd.

Abenaki Timber Corp

Acadian Cypress & Hardwoods, Inc.

Acme Pallet Inc.

Action Floor Systems, LLC

Advanced Lumber and Plywood Supply

AFS Energy Systems

AHC Huntersville

AHC-Craig Imports

AHEC – American Hardwood Export Council

AJD Forest Products

Alan McIlvain Co.

Aljoma Lumber, Inc.

Allegheny Wood Products International Inc.

Allen VanDenventer

Ally Global Logistics LLC

Allard Lumber Co.

Allegheny Wood Products Intl.


American Eagle Forest Products Ltd.

American Hardwood Industries

American Lumber Co.

American Walnut Co., Inc.

American Wood Technology, LLC

Anderson-McQuaid Co., Inc.

Angelbeck Lumber Co., Inc.

Answer Lumber

Anthony Oak Flooring, Inc.

Anthony-Higgs Lumber Co.

Anthony Timberlands Inc.

APP Timber Ltd.

Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturer’s Inc.

Appalachian Hardwoods

Appalachian Wood Products, Inc.

Arch Wood Protection Inc.

Architectural Woods L.P., DBA AWI

Arcola Lumber Co., Inc.

Armstrong Hardwood Floors

Armstrong Wood Products

Armstrong Wood Products – West Plains MO

Associated Hardwoods, Inc.

Assured Partners

Atlanta Hardwood Corp.

Atlas Lumber Co., Inc.

Aura Hardwood Lumber Inc.

Aurora Timberland

Aurora Timberland Wholesale Hdwd.

B & B Lumber Co., Inc./Premier

Babcock Lumber Co.

Baillie Lumber Co.

Banks Hardwoods, Inc.

Baird Brothers Sawmill, Inc.

Barbara Wilson

Batesville Casket Co.

Batey, Ltd.

Battle Lumber Co., Inc.

Bauman Sawmill, Inc.

Baxter Lumber LLC

Bayou State Lumber

BB&T Insurance Services Forest Products Practice

Beacon Hardwoods, LLC

Bear Forest Products

Beard Hardwoods, Inc.

Beiler’s Sawmill LLC

Begin & Begin Inc.

Ben Hokum & Son Ltd.

Bennett Hardwoods, Inc.

Bernie McGlynn Lumber Ltd.

Best Home Furnishings

Big River Cypress & Hardwood, Inc.

Billsby Lumber Company

Blandy Hardwoods, Inc.

Blough Lumber Sales Inc.

Blue Ridge Lumber Co. LLC

Boa-Franc G.P.

Bob Martino

Boehm-Madisen Lumber Co.

Bohanon Lumber Co., Inc.

Bohnhoff Lumber Company

Bois Maron Ltee


BPM Lumber LLC

Bradford Forest, Inc.

Brenneman Lumber Co.

Brewco Inc.

Brewer Machine and Parts, LLC

Bridgewell Resources LLC

Brojack Lumber Co.

Brown Wood Products

Brunner-Hildebrand Lumber Dry Kiln Co.

Buchanan Hardwoods, Inc.

Buckman Laboratories, Inc.

Buddy Irby

Buskirk Lumber Co.

C & K Lumber Co.

C & L Wood Products, Inc.

C. A. Spencer Inc.

C. B. Goodman & Sons Lumber

C. B. Goodman & Sons Lumber, Inc.

C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.

C/K International, LLC

Cable Hardwoods, Inc.

Cameron Lumber LLP

Canadian Hardwood Bureau

Cardin Forest Products, LLC

Carl Henoch

Carl Rosenberry & Sons Lumber, Inc.

Carol McElya

Carrie Barnes

Cascade Hardwood Group

Cascade Hardwood LLC

Catarina Joana

Catawissa Wood and Components, Inc.

Cedar Creek LLC

Cedar Creek LLC – Omaha Branch

Central Alabama Wood Products, LLC

Central Wisconsin Lumber, Inc.

Central Wood Products

Cersosimo Lumber Co., INc.

Champlain Hardwoods, Inc.

Chaney Lumber Co., Inc.

Charles F. Shiels & Co.

Cherokee Wood Products, Inc.

Cherry Forest Products

Cherry Hill Hardwoods, Inc.

Church & Church Lumber Co.

Christian DeFord

Clark Lumber Company, Inc.

Classic American Hardwoods

Cleereman Industries, Inc.

CLC Hardwoods

Cochran & Zandi Lumber, LLC

Cole Hardwood, Inc.


Colonial Hardwoods

Colonial Millworks Ltd.

Columbia River Hardwoods, Inc.

Comact Equipment Inc.

Component Solutions

Concannon Lumber Company

Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp.

Connor and Gallagher Insurance Services

Continental Underwriters Inc.

Cook Brothers Lumber Co., Inc.

Cool Cat Apps, Inc.

Cooper Machine Co., Inc.

Copiah Lumber Company

Corley Manufacturing Co.

Corsaw Hardwood Lumber Inc.

Cotton-Hanlon, Inc.

Coulter Lumber Sales & Services Ltd.

Craig Lefebrue

Craig Devereaux

Crone Lumber Co., Inc.

Cronland Lumber Co., Inc.

Crow Works, LLC

Cumberland Lumber & Manufacturing

Cummings Lumber Co., Inc.

Curtner Lumber Co.

Custom Woodworks, Inc.

Cut Rite Lumber Ltd.

D & D Hardwood

D. R. Graf Lumber Company

Damascus Sawmill

Dan Matthews

Danzer Lumber North America

Daniel Jones

Daniel Bohannon

Daniel Lobue

Danzer UK Limited

Darren Barker

Darrin Myers

David Perez

David Gorham

David Frick

David Holper

Davie Ashley Sawmill, LLC

Deer Park Lumber, Inc.

Delmhorst Instrument Co

Del Valle, Kahman & Co.

DeNoon Lumber Co.

Devereaux Sawmill, Inc.

Die Boards, Inc.

DM Sarrazin Inc.

DMI Martin County Farms LLC

DMSi Software – eLIMBS

Douglas Allen Barton

Downes & Reader Hardwood Co., Inc.

Drake Sawmill LLC

Dry Run Lumber Co.

Dudley Hardwoods

Dunavant Global Logistics Group

Dunaway Timber Co., Inc.

DV Hardwoods Inc.

Dwight Lewis Lumber Co., Inc.

East Ohio Hardwood Lumber Co.

East Perry Lumber Co.

Ecole Forestiere De Duchesnay

Edrich Lumber, Inc.

Edwards Wood Products, Inc.

EHD-Engle-Hambright & Davies, Inc.

Elk Creek Forest Products, LLC

Elk Valley Hardwoods

Elkay Wood Products Co.

Elof Hansson Inc

Emerson Hardwood Co.

Emmet Vaughn Lumber Co.

Empire Forest Products Ltd.

Eric Grandeen

Ethan Allen, Pine Valley Division

Euler Hermes ACI

Facemyer Lumber Co.

Fairgrove Furniture Co.

Falcon Lumber, Ltd.

Farrow Lumber Co.

Feldman Lumber Company Inc.

Fine Lumber and Plywood, Inc.

Fitzpatrick & Weller, Inc.

Ford Sawmills Inc.

Forest City Trading Group

Forest Products, Inc.

Forestry Systems, Inc.

Fox Lumber Co.

Frank Miller Lumber Co., Inc.

Fred Netterville Lumber Co.

Frick Lumber Co., Inc.

Froedge Machine & Supply Co., Inc.

Frost Hardwood Lumber Co.

Fulton Forest Products

G. F. Hardwoods, Inc.

G. H. Evarts & Co.

Ganahl Lumber Company

Gates Custom Milling, Inc.

Gilco International Lumber LLC

Gilkey Lumber Co., Inc.

Giorgio Gori USA, Inc.

Glen Oak Lumber & Milling, Inc.

GMC Hardwoods, Inc.

Goad Lumber Co., Inc.

Goodfellow, Inc.

Graf Brothers Flooring & Lumber

Grand Rapids Chair Co.

Granite Hardwoods, Inc.

Greater Omaha NARI

Greentree Hardwoods LLC

Grobel Jason

Gutchess Lumber Co., Inc.

Guth Forest Products, Inc.


Hanafee Bros. Sawmill Co., Inc.

Hanawalt & Son Lumber, LLC

Hancock Lumber

Harden Furniture, Inc.

Hardwood Federation

Hardwood Forest Foundation

Hardwood Industries, Inc.

Hardwood Manufacturers Association

Hardwood Market Report

Hardwood Publishing Co., Inc.

Hart County Hardwoods

Hardwoods Specialty Products

Hardwoods Specialty Products LP

Hardwoods Specialty Products USLP – Riverside Branch

Harold White Lumber Inc.

Harold White Millworks, Inc.

Hartzell Hardwoods, Inc.

Hasko Industries

Hassell & Hughes Lumber Co., Inc.

HAVCO Wood Products LLC

Hawkeye Forest Products, Inc.

HC Remodel & Design

HDE Dry Kilns

Heidler Hardwood Lumber Co.

Henry County Hardwoods, Inc.

Hermitage Hardwood Lumber Sales, Inc.

Hidden Sawmill

Hidden View Lumber Co.

Highland Hardwood Sales, Inc.

Hillcrest Lumber Co.

Hochstetler Milling Ltd.

Hoffman Brothers Lumber Inc.

Holmes & Co., Inc.

Holt & Bugbee Co.

Hood Distribution

Hooper Hardwoods, LLC

Hull Forest Products, Inc.

Hunter Brothers International LLC

Huntersville Hardwoods, Inc.

Huron Forest Products, Inc.

Hurst Boiler & Welding Co.

I K World Trading Co. Ltd.

Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Assoc.

Indiana Veneers Corp.

Indiana Wood Products, Inc.

Industrial Appraisal Company

Industrial Timber & Lumber

Industrial Vision Systems Inc.


Interforest Lumber Corp.

Interglobo Morra N. A., Inc.

ISK Biocides, Inc.

ITL Highland Division

J & J Log & Lumber Corp.

J & J Pallet Corporation

J J & A Lumber Services LLC

J. H. Keeso & Sons Ltd.

J. M. Wood Products

J. M. Jones Lumber Co., Inc.

J. P. Smith Lumber Co., Inc.

J. R. Banks Lumber Co., Inc.

J. T. Shannon Lumber Co.

J. V. Averitt Lumber Co.

J. W. Jones Lumber Co., Inc.

J.P. Smith Lumber Co., Inc.

Jackson Reeves

Jacques Voyer Lumber Inc.


James Burns

Jason Jones

Jerry G. Williams & Sons, Inc.

Jhon Smith

Jim C. Hamer Co. d.b.a Diamond Export

Jiu Sheng Wood Co., Ltd.


JoeScan Sawmill Scanners

John Branch

John Banks

John Boos & Co.

John Gregory

John Weisen

Johnny Rich Lumber Products, Inc.

Johnson Brothers Lumber

Jose Morin

Josey Lumber Company, Inc.

K & S Lumber

Katherine Finney

Keiver-Willard Lumber Corp.

Keller Lumber & Logging

Kendrick Forest Products

Kepley-Frank Hardwood Co. Inc.

Kerex, Inc.

Kersten Lumber Co., Inc.

Keystone Logs & Lumber


King City/Northway Forwarding Ltd.

Kirkham Hardwoods, Inc.

Kish Lumber Co.

Knight Software

Knisley Lumber Co.

Krauter Storage Systems

Kretz Lumber Co., Inc.

Kuhns Bros. Lumber Co., Inc.

Kuehne + Nagel Inc

Kyle Fox

L & H Logging

L. L. Johnson Lumber Mfg. Co.

Lafferty & Co., Inc.

Lakewood Products, Inc.

Lapp Lumber Co.

Laufer Group International

Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring

Lawrence Lumber Company, Inc.

Lebanon Oak Flooring Co., LLC

Legna Software, LLC

Leibering Lumber & Logging

Leonard Lumber Co.

Les Billots Select Megantic Inc.

Les Bois Poulin, Inc.

Lewis Brothers Lumber Co., Inc.

Lico Machinery Inc.

Linden Lumber LLC

Lister Distribution

Little Creek Lumber

L.L. Johnson Lumber Mfg. Co.

Lori Thornton

Los Angeles Hardwood Lumberman’s Club

Louisiana Hardwood Products

Lonza Wood Protection

Lumbermen’s Club of Memphis

Lumbermen’s Underwriting Alliance


Lumbra Hardwoods Inc.

Lucidyne Technologies


M & S Hardwoods

M. Bohlke Veneer Corp.

Macatawa Forest Products, Inc.

Machinage Piche Inc.

MacBeath Hardwood

Maeder Bros., Inc.

Maine Woods Co., LLC

Maley & Wertz, Inc.

Maple Rapids Lumber Mill, Inc.

Maple Ridge Hardwoods, Inc.

Maples Sawmill Inc.

Mark Bromers

Mark Brothers

Mark Gray

Marsh Lumber Co., Inc.

Martco Limited Partnership

Martin Fox

Masco Cabinetry, LLC

Mason’s Mill and Lumber Co.

Matson Lumber Co.

Maxwell Hardwood Flooring

Mayfield Lumber Co.

McCormick & Sons, Inc.

McDonough Manufacturing Co.

McGriff Insurance Services

McLaurin Company, Inc.

McRae Lumber Co., Ltd.

MDI, Inc.

Meadow River Hardwood Lumber Co., LLC

Mechanicsburg Lumber Co., LLC

Meh Meh

Meier Forest Products, Inc.

Mel Lundberg

Menominee Tribal Enterprises

Menuiserox Inc.

Merry Lumber Co., LLC

Metro Omaha Builders Association

Michael Walters

Michele Shearer

MiCROTEC Innovating Wood

Middle Tennessee Lumber Co., Inc.

Midway Lumber Mills Limited

Midwest Hardwood Corp.

Midwest Walnut Co.

Miguel Escobar

Miller Publishing

Milltech Inventory Mgm Solutions

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous/Schedule Record

Missouri Walnut, LLC

Missouri-Pacific Lumber Co., Inc.

Mitchell Forest Products, Inc.

MK Hardwoods LLC

Monarch Millwork, Inc.

Moore-Newton Quality Hardwoods


Moss Lumber Industries, Inc.

Mount Storm Forest Products, Inc.

Mountainside Hardwoods

Mueller Bros. Timber, Inc.

Mullican Flooring

Napoleon Hardwood Lumber Company, Inc.

Nathan Parker

National Hardwood Lumber Assn.

National Hardwood Magazine

National Industrial Lumber Co.

National Wood Flooring Association

National Wood Products

National Wooden Pallet & Container Association

Neff Lumber Mills, Inc.


New England Forest Products, Inc.

Newman Lumber Company

NickelCityCowboy, LLC

Nicolet Hardwoods Corp.

Nolan Torez

Noland Lumber Co., Inc.

Norm Moton

Norm Steffy

North American Wholesale Lumber Association

North Hudson Woodcraft Corp.

Northern Hardwoods

Northeastern States Lumber, Inc.

Northern Neck Lumber Co., Inc.

Northland Corporation

Northland Forest Products, Inc.

Northland Hardwood Lbr. Co., Inc.

Northwest Hardwoods

Northwest Hardwoods – Beachwood Branch

Northwest Hardwoods – Eugene Branch

Nyle Dry Kilns

O’Hair Shutters, Ltd.

O’Shea Lumber Co.

Oak Valley Hardwoods, Inc.

Oakcrest Lumber, Inc.

Oakman Hardwood Inc.

Oakridge Lumber, LLC

Oaks Unlimited


Ohio Forestry Association

Ohio International Lumber, LLC

Olson Search International, Inc.

Olympic Industries

Omaha Community Foundation

Ontario Hardwood Products, Ltd.

Oregon Canadian Forest Products

Osborne Logging

OSI Machinerie

Owens Lumber Co., Inc.

Ozark Wood Fiber, LLC

P. E. Barnes Co.

P.L.C. inc.

P.M.S. Forest Products, Inc.

Pa Ma

PA Hardwoods Development Council

Pacific Forestry Inc.

Pacific Woodtech

Papio Missouri River Natural Resources District

Pardee & Curtin Lumber Co. LLC

Parton Lumber Co., Inc.

Patrick Stout

Patrick Lumber Co.

Patterson Hardwoods Inc.

Patterson Lumber Co., Inc.

Paul Bontrager

Paula May

Peach State Lumber Products, Inc.

Peachtree Lumber Co.

Peladeau Lumber Inc.

Pendu Manufacturing Inc.

Penn-Sylvan International, Inc.

Penn-York Lumbermen’s Club Inc

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company

Pennyrile Sawmill, LLC

Peter McCarty

Peter Novak

Peterman Lumber Inc.

Peterman Lumber Inc. – Las Vegas Branch

Phillips Forest Products, LLC

Phillips Plywood

Phil Etienne’s Timber Harvest

Piedmont Hardwood Flooring, LLC

Pierson Lumber Co., Inc.

Pike Lumber Co., Inc.

Pilson Brothers Lumber Co.

Pingleton Sawmill, Inc.

Plumb Lumber Co., Inc.

Pollmeier, Inc.

Precision Lumber, Inc.

Premium Hardwoods Inc.

Preverco Inc.

Prime Lumber Co.

Primewood Lumber, Inc.

Produits Forestiers St-Armand


Progress Engineering Co.

Porter Engineering

Powell Valley Millwork

PW Hardwood, LLC

Quality Hardwoods Ltd.

Quality Hardwoods, Inc.

Qubica – AMF Worldwide LLC

R. J. Hoffman & Sons, Inc.

R.J. Williams, Inc.

Ralph Largent Sawmill

Ralph Stuck Lumber Co., Inc.

Ralph Taylor Lumber Co., Inc.

RAM Forest Products

Randell Porter

Ray H. Miller Logging & Lumber, LLC

Rayner & Rinn-Scott, Inc.

Reel Lumber Service

Renno Brothers Lumber

Ressources Lumber, Inc.

Rex Lumber Co.

RFP Lumber

Rives & Reynolds Lumber Co., Inc.

Rives & Reynolds Lumber Co., Inc. – Natchez Branch

Roach Sawmill & Lumber Co.

Robert Ellis, III

Robert Smith


Robert Payne

Roberts Plywood Co.

Robinson Lumber Company

Ron Jones Hardwood Sales, Inc.

Rorabaugh Lumber Co.

Roseburg Forest Products

Rossi Group

Roy Anderson Lumber Co.

RSI Home Products – Dallas Branch

Rutland Lumber Co., Inc.

Salamanca Lumber Co., Inc.

Sam Carey Lumber Co.

Saroyan Lumber Co.

Samuel Packaging Systems

Schaller Hardwood Lumber Co.

Schaller Hardwood Lumber Co

Scierie Dion et Fils, Inc.

Sebasticook Lbr.

Sechoirs Kingsey Falls, Inc.

Sequoia Wood Flooring, LLC

Shady Hill Hardwood

Shamrock Building Materials Inc.

Shaver Wood Products Inc.

Sheffield Timber Services

Sheoga Hardwood Flooring & Paneling

Signode Industrial Group

Sherwood Lumber Co

Shoun Lumber LLC

Sierra Forest Products – Chicago Branch

Sierra Forest Products – Chino Branch

SII Dry Kilns

Simon Lussier Ltee

Simon Lussier Ltee – Ste-Emeliedelenergie Branch

Sirianni Hardwoods, Inc.

Smith’s Sawmill Service

Sisler Lumber Co., Inc.

Snavely Forest Products

Snowbelt Hardwoods

Somerset Wood Products, Inc.

Sonoking Corp.

Southern Mississippi Trading

Spann Brothers Lumber Co.

Spartan Forest Products, Inc.

Spellman Hardwoods, Inc.

Stanley Furniture Co., Inc.

Steinway & Sons

Stephens Hardwood LLC

Stoltzfus Forest Products

Stetson Hardwoods, Inc.

Steve Daughtery

Steve Arnold

Steven Daugherty


Stringfellow Lumber Company

Structural Wood Systems

Stutzman Lumber

Summit Hardwoods, Inc.

Superior Hardwoods of Ohio, Inc.

Superior Hardwoods of Ohio, Inc. – McArthur Branch

Superior Lumber, Inc.

Swaner Hardwood Co., Inc.

Sweeney Hardwoods

Sweetwater Lumber & Land, Inc.

Swift River Pecans LLC

System TM A/S

T & S Hardwoods, Inc.

T S Manufacturing

Taylor Lumber Worldwide, Inc.

Terpstra Associates

Terry White

Tex-O-Cal Hardwoods, Inc.

The French Foundation:

The Hexberg Family Foundation

The Horton Group

The Jacobs Team / TJT Consulting

Thomas & Proetz Lumber Co.

Thompson Appalachian Hardwoods, Inc.

Thompson Hardwoods, Inc.

Thoroughbred Hardwoods, LLC

Three Oaks Lumber Co.

Tiger Deck

Tigerton Lumber Co.

Tim Barnes

Tioga Hardwoods, Inc.

TJT Consulting / The Jacobs Team

TM Wood Products

TMX Shipping Co.

Townsend Lumber, Inc.

Transindo USA

Tri-State Forest Products

TRICO Enterprises, LLC

Triple S Enterprise


Tropical Forest Products

True American Inc.

Troyer Lumber

Trumbull County Hardwoods

Turman Tye River, LLC

Turn Bull Lumber Co.

Tuscarora Hardwoods, Inc.

Tuscola Logging

Two Rivers Timber Co., Inc.

TYR Wood Products

U-C Coatings, LLC

UFP International LLC

Upper Canada Forest Products, Ltd. – Head Office

USA Woods International, Inc.


Van Meter Insurance Group

Vance Orand

Veneer Services, LLC

Verde Wood International

Vexco Inc.

VM International, LLC

W. M. Cramer Lumber Co, Inc.

Wagner Meters

W. R. Deacon & Sons Timber, Inc.

Wagner Hardwoods LLC

Wagner Lumber Co.

Walnut Creek Planing

Walter M. Fields Lumber Co.

Walters Brothers Lumber Mfg., Inc.

Ward Timber Co., Inc.

Watson Lumber Co.

Wayne Lumber Co., Inc.

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.


White County Lumber Co. Inc.

Wellborn Industries, Inc.

Welter Forest Products, Inc.

Weston Forest Products Inc.

Weston Premium Woods:A Division of Richellieu Hardware Canada

Wheeland Lumber Co., Inc.

Whitson Lumber Co.

William Sauter

Williams Family Foundation

Wilson Lumber Co., Inc.

Winesburg Hardwood & Pallet

Winston Hardwood Lumber Co.

Wolverine Hardwoods, Inc.

Wood Products Manufacturers Assn.

Wood-Mizer, LLC

Wood-Mode, Inc.

WT Hardwoods Group

Y & Y Hardwood, Inc.

Yazoo Lumber & Mats

Yoder Lumber Co., Inc.

Yoder Pallets

Young Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Youngblood Lumber Co.

Yukon Door & Plywood, Inc.

Z. B. Forest Products, LLC

Zip O Log Mills

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