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Our Mission

Like many of our supporters, we’re here to help grow something beautiful – awareness of the wondrous sustainability and opportunity our hardwood and softwood forest industry provides to consumers, the environment, the economy, and beyond. Wood has helped grow civilizations throughout history, and at NAFF, we know that wood is also our future.

That’s why Our Mission is to support the forest products industry through education, promotion, advocacy of science-based facts about sustainable forestry, and by revealing the truth about trees – our world’s most diverse, abundant, renewable natural resource.

We’re rooted in education.

NAFF has always been a proud sponsor of educational programs. We created our signature Truth About Trees teaching kit and our Forest Forever children’s museum exhibit to teach elementary-aged children science-based facts about the wood industry. We’re developing tools to help teens and young adults learn about all the different wood-based career paths. We’ve built this website, which is filled with facts about trees and the benefits they provide, so everyone can learn about the benefits our forests provide.

Promotion helps us spread our branches.

We want to yell it from the treetops… wood products should be your first choice! Our renewable forests provide us with sustainable materials that help us make almost anything you could dream a reality with wood. We want to make sure everyone knows that by choosing wood, they’re choosing quality and purchasing responsibly.

Through advocacy, we grow.

The facts are in our favor. As we look towards the future, wood is the smart choice for the planet. We’re dedicated to sharing the science-based facts that prove wood is the best renewable resource to help combat carbon emissions. While the future of the forest industry is bright, we’ll gain plenty of shade by working together to make sure everyone understands the benefits of trees and the stories behind the products they provide us with.

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