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Donation Challenge

The North American Forest Foundation has created this amazing campaign to provide kits to teachers throughout the US with materials to teach about trees and the wood industry to today’s children.

Each kit cost $150, and your gift will go directly to a school in North America. You can donate in increments of $150 to gift as many kits as you can to help the NAFF reach their goal of 125 kits this fall!

PLM is proud to take part in planting the seeds for the next generation of forest industry professionals.

We want to challenge you to take part in educating kids on the Truth about Trees! Anyone who donates towards the purchase of a kit, we will match kit for kit up to 30 kits!

So join PLM today and double your donation in the Back to School Truth about Trees Challenge!

Click on the Donate link below and select PLM Donation Challenge from the dropdown menu.