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Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual (PLM), founded in 1895, is the oldest and largest lumber mutual in the country today dedicated to the wood products and building materials industry.  With years of expertise and industry knowledge, the PLM team stays true to their core mission of providing specialized coverages and helping customers protect themselves and their businesses.

PLM remains active in the operational, economic, and political affairs of the industry it serves and collaborates with related trade associations through sponsorship and education.

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Bronze Sponsors

84 Lumber

Serving professionals and do-it-yourselfers across the Unites States and around the world, 84 Lumber is the largest family owned privately held building materials supplier in the nation.

Beyond building materials, the company supplies manufactured components, services for single- and multi-family residences, commercial buildings and provides turnkey installation services that include framing, insulation, siding, windows, roofing, decking, and drywall. With more than 250 stores in more than 30 states, carrying more than 10,000 products, 84 Lumber also operates component manufacturing plants, custom door shops, custom millwork shops, and engineered wood product centers and delivers products via their own 2000-truck delivery fleet.

A nationally certified woman-owned and -operated business enterprise, 84 Lumber is committed to education, including the educational efforts of NAFF, and supports local communities. The company provides world-class training and education to associates, including those without prior industry knowledge or experience, covering leadership, sales and management skills in addition to product and industry knowledge.

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Baillie Lumber

One of North America’s largest international manufacturers of hardwood lumber, Baillie Lumber began as a regional lumber company in 1923.

Today, Baillie ships hardwood lumber anywhere in the world, offering a vast selection of species in whatever qualities and quantities are required. Baillie Lumber is proud of their responsible and sustainable forest management practices and provides customers with advice and access to an extensive portfolio of hardwood products suited for any application.

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Abenaki Timber

A fourth-generation, small to medium hardwood producer, Abenaki Timber is obsessed with consistently providing the highest quality of hardwood lumber and offering the very best personalized service in the business. Plants in New Hampshire and West Virginia, producing 16 million board-feet a year, allow Abenaki Timber to offer a wide variety of hardwoods to customers in the U.S. and 37 countries around the world.

The company is positioned to take on new challenges, with modern facilities designed to process lumber with the highest quality control to meet custom requirements including length sorting, width sorting, specific lengths, hardwood strips, export banding, as well as proprietary and custom color sorts. Abenaki Timber understands that the way to protect the forest is to manage and use it wisely and actively supports NAFF’s mission of educating future generations about the truth about trees and the benefits of wood as a truly renewable resource.

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Classic American Hardwoods

Classic American Hardwoods takes a forward-looking approach to the hardwoods industry. With a mission to enrich the lives of their employees, customers, and vendors by responsibly purchasing, manufacturing, and marketing hardwood lumber products, CAH emphasizes excellence in customer satisfaction and exceptional products. Founded in 2001, CAH chose to revitalize an unused long-vacant property in Memphis, bringing jobs into the community, and setting the tone for an operation where nothing is wasted. Sawdust and planer shavings are processed and used to fuel the boilers that heat the kilns, making the operation totally self-sufficient.

Continuing invests in the latest technology help CAH optimize operations and attain the maximum yield and highest value for every board. One of the most respected hardwood lumber companies in the industry, Classic American Hardwoods strongly supports NAFF as a voice changing hearts and minds about wood, for good, changing the public perception of the forest products industry based on science and fact.

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Cole Hardwoods

One of the leading hardwood processors and distributors in the nation, Cole Hardwood was founded in 1986 by Milt Cole. A focus on the product, the people, the pride, and dedication to continuous improvement keeps the company strong.

The extensive capabilities of Cole Hardwoods as a single source allows them to stay in control of all stages of the process from rough lumber to final delivery of stacked hardwood. Sophisticated expediting and exporting processes, as well as their own fleet of delivery trucks, have earned Cole Hardwood more than 1300 customers in over 40 countries around the world.

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DMSi Software provides inventory solutions for the entire hardwood supply chain, from timber to consumer.

Their eLIMBS system includes easy-to-use handheld and desktop software for tracking wood products for timber, logging, and sawmills.

The TallyExpress mobile app tallies bundles in minutes using a standard Android smartphone. And their Agility ERP provides robust inventory and order management for distributors and retailers.

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Holt & Bugbee

Holt & Bugbee, founded in 1825, is known coast-to-coast and internationally for the quality of their superior hardwood and softwood products and dedication to service.

For five generations Holt & Bugbee has been a leading name in the manufacture and distribution of fine quality hardwood and softwood lumber as wholesalers of hardwood lumber, hardwood flooring, wood mouldings and millwork.

Staying current with the changing needs of the hardwood lumber industry, the company offers complete customization of wood profiles as part of its production services.

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Lumber Blue Book

A comprehensive online resource offering in-depth information, the Lumber Blue Book helps you find new customers or suppliers and lower your credit risk. We are the most complete and trusted resource for companies that buy, sell, transport, and supply services to the forest and  lumber industry.

Because of our industry focus, we actively attend industry events and support industry foundations and associations. Visit LumberBlueBook.com to learn more, and sign-up for our free industry newsletter.

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Nyle Dry Kilns

Nyle is best known for its innovative dehumidification dry kiln systems. Nyle built and patented the first DH systems for the hardwoods market that allowed kilns to operate at the same temperatures as conventional steam and gas kilns. The product line has expanded to include a complete line of DH kilns, gas-fired kilns, heat treaters, and industry-leading controls.

Nyle provides everything from a complete turn-key dry kiln system to specific components.

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Ron Joneh Hardwood

Ron Jones Hardwood is located in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, in the region of the state where the finest Appalachian hardwoods grow. Specializing in providing premium Northern Appalachian kiln-dried hardwood grade lumber, Ron Jones Hardwood supports customers worldwide, building strong business partnerships supported by friendship and professional customer service.

A commitment to high quality-lumber and uncompromising customer service are the company’s top priorities. More than a century of combined experience in the hardwoods industry gives Ron Jones Hardwood the flexibility to adapt to changing customer needs

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Thomas & Proetz

Under four generations of family leadership since 1896, Thomas & Proetz is a premier supplier of an extensive variety of hardwood products. The company keeps the focus on the future, investing in their supply chain, facilities, inventory, equipment, and personnel to deliver highly specialized programs to minimize risk and capital expenditures for customers.

The ability to identify and adapt quickly to future trends has been a key factor in their success and longevity. Continuing investments in the business allow Thomas & Proetz to provide superior service and personalized solutions at the highest yield and lowest cost.

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Hardwood Market Report is celebrating 100 years of continuous service to the hardwood industry in 2022.  The company’s products include its flagship publication, Hardwood Market Report, along with HMR Executive, and HMR Import Newsletter.  HMR’s mission is to provide timely and reliable information for companies throughout the hardwood supply chain.  This goal has been successfully achieved for 100 years and, today, HMR is the leading resource of business-critical data for the North American hardwood industry.

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