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cultivates a healthier
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the industry,
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Nurturing the Next Generation Through Education

Changing hearts and minds about the importance of sustainable forestry, choosing wood products, and industry career opportunities — for good!

Together, we can dispel the myths and get kids excited by teaching them The Truth About Trees — the world’s only continually renewable resource that sustains our lives, industry, and planet. With your help, we’ll educate one million kids by 2030 and keep the industry thriving for generations!

Help Us Help Kids Become #exTREEmelysmart

Over 600 people, business and organizations support NAFF. If you share their passion for bringing science-based facts about our forests to the world around us, we invite you to join them in supporting NAFF today.

Why Choose Wood?

Today, there are many materials architects, builders, and consumers can choose from. Find out why wood is the smart renewable choice for everything from high-rise buildings to beauty products.

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The Truth About Trees Teaching Kit provides lesson plans and activities that make learning science-based facts about trees fun for elementary school kids.